A Fast Electric Vehicle Path-Planner Using Clustering


Over the past few years, several studies have considered the problem of Electric Vehicle Path Planning with intermediate recharge (EVPP-R) that consists of finding the shortest path between two given points by traveling through one or many charging stations, without exceeding the vehicle’s range. Unfortunately, the exact solution to this problem has a high computational cost. Therefore, speedup techniques are generally necessary (e.g., contraction hierarchies). In this paper, we propose and evaluate a new fast and intuitive graph clustering technique, which is applied on a real map with charging station data. We show that by grouping nearby stations, we can reduce the number of stations considered by a factor of 13 and increase the speed of computation by a factor of 35, while having a very limited trade-off increase, of less than 1%, on the average journey duration time.

Proceedings of the International Federation of Classification Societies Conference
Jaël Champagne Gareau
Jaël Champagne Gareau
PhD Student in Computer Science

My research interests include AI, data structures, algorithms and HPC.